Saturday, June 21, 2008


I was thinking of posting some info on some unappreciated and favorite albums of my mine, but due to a new release and the pure dopness of these guys i thought i would dedicate this post to:
The Lotterboys .

Produced in 2006 on eskimo Recordings this album has slipped under the radar and is a very unappreciated and unknown record. Being the sexy lovechild of 2 members of Terranova and Paris the Black Fu from Detroit Grand Pubahs this albums sends shivers up the spine with its strangely alluring, slimly disco-sleaze guaranteed to leave you weak at the knees.

Now being a massive fan of these guys i was ecstatic to here they have a new album under the guise Lottergirls due to their collaboration with the very very sexy
Princess Superstar. I haven't managed to get my hands on this new album yet, but from the songs i've heard, it's fucking dope!

Check out The Lotterboys - ANIMALIA

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Jeff said...

Hey - and who introduced you to Lotterboys?! Didn't know Lottergirls tho.Roz