Tuesday, June 3, 2008

James Pants

lets kick this thing off. im not exactly sure what i will be posting in the future, but my hopes are to let people know about music which gets lost behind peoples couches, or gets stuck under the fridge. that type of stuff.
im probably gunna start off with some of my favorite albums, and also some albums which deserve more attention.

but for now thought i'd post the latest thing to come out of Stones Throw is Mr. JAMES PANTS

Stones Throw seem to have thrown a bit of a curve ball with this one with some electro - pop - rock -hiphop all in the one neat package

Check it out

more stuff later


Anonymous said...

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jitwam Sinha said...

nice tip dude!

diggin very muchly

jitwam Sinha said...

also check the Heliocentrics (also out on Stones Throw)...

fucking werd.